I had the immense pleasure of devouring this book by one of my favorite authors this week. All told I finished this book in about three days of broken up reading time. I’ve enjoyed Debbie Macomber books for a long time now. I’ll never forget the summer day that a friend passed on a copy of The Shop on Blossom Street while we were at a softball tournament with our husbands. I read it and ran straight to the library for more of her books. I’ve been holding onto this particular title of hers for about a year waiting for a chance to read it and boy am I glad I finally got it. I was reminded of all that I love about her books. The characters are written in a way that draws the reader in, engaging them in the story being told. I also love that she manages to weave so many meaningful storylines into one book without making it feel overdone or difficult to follow. I always love a happy ending and that’s always something Debbie is happy to give me.

This story is about a woman who suffers tremendous loss, a man who has worked to overcome his childhood, and many other fantastic characters who are battling their own demons. Together though they might just be able to find a way to a happy ending. This was an enjoyable book to read while sitting outside in the breezy shade. Though I’m sure it would be a fantastic book no matter where you read it. 

Stop in today to check out this or any other Debbie Macomber title.