What is our Book Giving Tree?

Each year starting the first weekend in November we have a tree in our store with names on tags of needy children in our community who would be blessed by a brand new book of their very own.

Where do you get the names?

I reach out to local organizations. This year they include:

Quincy Schools

Reading elementary

DHS – foster care children


Family Hope Outreach (previously Family Promise of Branch County)

These are children in our own community. Children you may know or walk past at the local park or store.

How do I help?

It all starts with choosing a tag off the tree. Some tags have multiple kids – those are family tags, and some have individual children. 

From there you have three options:

  1. Choose a new book from our shelves for each name on your tag, bring it to the counter and we’ll ring you up with a 20% discount.
  2. Order a new book if we don’t have what you’re looking for on our shelves, we’ll still ring you up with the 20% discount.
  3. Not sure what book to gift? Ask us for help, any of the staff is happy to help find an age appropriate title for the name or names on your tag. 

Alternatively, we do welcome monetary donations towards books for the tree and are happy to use them to choose books for some of the kids for you.

Can I buy a used book?

We really have to ask that the books purchased for the tree be new.

Do I have to buy the book from you?

No, any new book will be accepted for the tree. Obviously we would appreciate you purchasing the book from us but we’re not going to turn away a book for the tree. At the core of it this is about making Christmas a little more special for these kids this year.

How much are we talking about?

We try really hard to keep lots of affordable options on our shelves. For the younger kids we have many board book options that range between $3.99 and $7.99. For the early elementary kids we have lots of great picture books and leveled readers in that same price range. Early chapter books tend to run $4.99-$6.99 each and middle grade readers run $6.99-$9.99 for most of them. The priciest age group to help is the teens but even there we have several options right at the $10. – $15 price point. As little as $5.00 can give the gift of reading this year. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as I plan to share some posts in the next few weeks with some great books we have in stock.

Can my community group help?

Absolutely! Your girl scout troop, 4H group, adult community group etc are welcome to make our giving tree part of how you give back to the community this Christmas. We’re happy to have you in after hours if you call and schedule it or you can come in anytime that we’re open. 

I know as a community that if we pull together we can make sure that all of these children have a new book of their very own under their tree this year!