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Quincy Book Haven & the Family Behind It

Book Haven was originally the used bookstore known as Swallow’s Nest that was first opened in 2000. The original owners saw good success in our small rural village and expanded from their original storefront into a second storefront and from there, some years later, into full three store fronts. The buildings we’re in have a lot of rich history as many other things from a restaurant, to a pharmacy, to a men’s clothing store. On June 29th, 2018 we officially bought the store from its original owners and it became Book Haven.

We chose the name Book Haven because we are a used bookstore. A place where used books can come to find a haven until they find their next home. We also want to be a place of community where people can come in and find some rest. Our dream for Book Haven is to be a hub of community activity.

I’m Samantha and my husband Jay and I have six children. In a previous life, Jay was an accountant and I stayed home with our babies. We are a homeschooling family so you may often find some or all of the children at the store with us. We are loving this new opportunity to both be with the kids more and to have the kids grow up in the community, surrounded by books, and learning entrepreneurial skills along the way (whether they realize it or not).

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Phone: (517) 639-5550

Address: 6 E Chicago St.
Quincy, Michigan, 49082